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If you are experiencing any problems with our products feel free to contact us and we will be glad to assist you in solving the problem. You can contact us either by email - support {at}, use the contact form on the left or via instant messenger - This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Before contacting us, we strongly advice you to browse through the questions bellow, since it might offer you a faster response:

What are the available formats for your 3d models?

At the moment all the products on our website come in ".max" format (version 9) with the material settings for vray. If you need a collection in other formats, contact us BEFORE making a purchase and we will try to find a solution to send it to you.

I'm a 3d max user, but I don't work with vray. Can I still use your models?

Absolutely. Although you will need to set up your material settings for the renderer of your choice.

Your models are "high-poly" and I need to populate my scene with lots of them. Will it work?

We do our best to make our models as detailed as possible but as we all know, this makes the polygon count go up. If you need hundreds of models in your scene, the only way around it would be to covert them to proxies (Vray proxies, if you are using vray). Also, make sure you are using a 64 bit software (so than you won't run out of ram). 

What type of payment method do you use?

For the time being you can only pay with a paypal account. We are still working on implementing a payment processor that accepts credit cards directly, but for now paypal is the only option. However, setting up a paypal account is very easy and it is known to offer the safest payment methods on the internet (